Since an early age, food was always a part of Jesse’s life.  


Chef Jesse has created a life based on his love for food and serving. Thanks to his many years of cooking experience as a chef in restaurants around the country. He has also worked as a consultant and product developer for many new food startups and established companies. With his background, and the desire for learning he has worked with many of the top leaders in health, wellness and new thought of today throughout various modalities.

Jesse’s passion for food has been the what drives him, yet it is also directly related to his love of people and helping them discover and create a lifestyle around healthy foods that encourage movement and aid in bringing full expression to their daily lives. He has coached corporate executives, weekend warrior athletes, busy mothers, and teenagers, by creating new and innovative ways to look at life and food to achieve their specific goals that incorporate the mind and body.

The idea for Mind Body Kitchen, is to create a place where all the aspects of life come together as one, through the combined practices of mindfulness, body movement, and healthy eating. And we can share recipes and tips on how to achieve this through a more plant-centric lifestyle.

Chef Jesse brings together these thoughts of science, theory and practical food approach along with his Guinea pig approach to clear up the confusion surrounding this ever-evolving conversation around “what should I eat” and “how do I make it.”